Spring Cleaning Like a Boss!

March 2, 2018

It’s our first post of March and spring is in the air, and you know what that means: spring cleaning time! Our daily lives can be so overwhelming, piles start to build (I know what’s in them!) and clutter and build up starts to happen. Today we are going to discuss how to take back your home and start loving your living space again. Buckle up and get ready to take back your home!

Step One in the Spring Cleaning process is to make a plan. Without a plan everything can seem overwhelming and get stuck on the back burner. Pro tip: break it down by rooms, with a plan to work on one room a day until completion. Start in the back of the house and work your way towards the door so you don’t miss anything. However you do it, set a time for each leg of the cleaning, WRITE IT DOWN (or it’s just a far off fairy tale!) and leave yourself enough time to comfortably attack every nook and cranny! This is also a great opportunity to get the whole family involved and begin to delegate tasks. Don’t forget to set a reward for completion! (We love the latest superhero movie mixed with a little pizza party!)

Step Two in any spring cleaning has got to be the declutter. One of my favorite rules in the declutter process is the one year rule: Have I used/read/worn this in the last year? If not, it’s time to get rid of it! It’s taking up valuable space and as any professional cleaner will tell you, we can’t clean what we can’t get to! Find some great tips for this step here!

There are many amazing charities in Las Vegas that are always accepting your donations of gently used home goods, decor, and clothing. One favorite is The Shade Tree which helps women and children that have where else to turn for shelter and many need help getting away from abusive relationships. Another amazing charity we love is Golden Rainbow which serves men, women children affected by HIV/AIDS in our community. They can always use anything and everything you have to donate! Not only are you clearing out stuff you aren’t using, you are helping those with with less or sometimes nothing, that warms my heart, I know it will for you as well.

Step Three is my personal favorite: the actual spring cleaning! If you haven’t already read them, be sure to check out our other posts about cleaning tips to get the shower spotless and how to get that white grout back to white here. That will get you started and then follow this simple list of deep cleaning items:

  • Wet wipe baseboards throughout the home with all purpose cleaner.
  • Dusting the ceiling and wall joints to clear out any cobwebs or dust.
  • Dust all fans.
  • Wet wipe all blinds and shutters and wash windows with our green cleaner!
  • Wet wipe all COOLED light fixtures.
  • Clear any hard water buildup in bathrooms. (pumice stones for toilets and Barkeeper’s Friend are our secret weapons!)
  • Toss that shower curtain liner in the washing machine on cold water gentle cycle.
  • Wash or dry clean window treatments.
  • Flip that mattress!
  • Wet wipe all kitchen cabinets (Krud Kutter is another of our secret weapons, follow directions carefully!)
  • Disinfect refrigerator inside and out.
  • Clean the inside of the dishwasher using our green cleaner.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all floors and mop with your favorite floor cleaner!

Step Four: Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite glass of wine, book, or movie in your amazingly clean home!

Remember that keeping up with routine tasks can make spring cleaning much easier. If you aren’t up to the task or simply would rather spend the time elsewhere, we always recommend a monthly cleaning to prevent buildup that can actually damage surfaces and at the very least make these tasks take hours longer! With our customizable services, there’s a package for everyone!


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