Shower Buildup Doesn’t Stand A Chance!

February 21, 2018

Ask anyone who lives in Las Vegas: “What is the hardest thing to keep clean in between maid service visits?” and you are likely to get the answer: “THE SHOWER!” Our hard water here in town makes stains and buildup especially noticeable and speeds the rate at which the buildup occurs. We are going to go over several pro tips for shower cleaning so your day begins in a sanctuary instead of a dirty shower you are dying to get out of!

We are giving away one of our best kept secrets today:

2 words: Barkeepers Friend! There are 3 types of BKF as we will refer to it here for the sake of brevity, a powder, a gel, and a spray. They all have varying strengths and contraindications, so be sure to read every package carefully, as these products contain an acid and can be unsafe for some surfaces, especially natural stone.

Steps to safely, easily, and thoroughly cleaning excessive buildup in your shower:

  1. Assess the amount of buildup. How long has it been since you have had a deep clean done? Is the soap scum buildup hard to the scrape of a fingernail? This will need our heavier solution. Is it softer and you can still see through the doors, etc? This can be a case for the gel or the spray as it is a little less severe.
  2. Grab a pair of chemical safe gloves.
  3. If buildup is excessive, take a BLUE scrub sponge (the GREEN ones will scratch your shower, even so far as to etch glass, do NOT use in a bathroom) and mix up a paste with BKF powder and old plastic container Use enough to cover the surfaces of the shower. If buildup is less severe, try using the lower strength gel and/or spray.
  4. Place an old towel in the shower for you to stand on. This prevents stains from your shoes, and also makes less likely the risk of a slip and fall. Place another towel directly outside of shower for you step on when coming out of shower. This so you don’t track cleaning solution into the home.
  5. Spread BKF mix all over the buildup and scrub with blue scrubber sponge. Leave to sit and work for 10 minutes. Be careful to prevent contamination of any natural stone with the mix. Use a tough bristled brush to get into those hard to reach areas. Be careful not to scrape up the caulking!
  6. Scrub once more with a wet sponge. Listen and feel for resistance, in most cases you can feel and hear the sponge scraping any leftover buildup. If buildup is still present, rinse and reapply fresh BKF mix, repeat above directions.
  7. Rinse entire shower and use your favorite glass cleaner or our favorite: 50% white vinegar/50% tap water with a few drops of your favorite essential oil to offset the vinegar smell.
  8. Reclaim your morning sanctuary and rituals by having a spotless shower to peacefully begin your day in!

PRO TIP: Apply Rainx to your shower glass according to directions on bottle to keep the crystal shine even longer between our visits!

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