Time Saving Tools The Pros Use

March 7, 2018

Time is our most valuable asset, and the one thing you can’t buy more of. Today we’ll be covering all the time saving tools the best professional maid companies use. Today is all about giving you back your free time, cleaning more efficiently between our visits, and reclaiming your time for a more meaningful and relaxed life!

The first tool I want to talk about is called a Webster head. It is quite literally one of the greatest secret weapons we have in the cleaning business! These awesome attachments can be found at Lowe’s and Home Depot for under $10, and work with most extension poles of up to 12 ft! This amazing time saving tool covers plethora of areas in the home:

  • Ceilings fans! Get the rhythm going and spin the blades while dusting and you don’t even have to move to get the fan clean!
  • Baseboards! Got pets? A great way to keep the baseboards clean in between wet wiping and deep cleaning. You don’t even have to bend over with the extension pole!
  • Light fixtures! Be sure they are cooled so you don’t melt the tool!
  • Vents and air intakes!
  • Door trims!
  • Blinds! Especially those hard to reach ones with your extension pole!
  • Photo frames! (Hold one corner so they don’t fall!)
  • Ceiling Joints! A quick run around the ceiling joints gets all those cobwebs down!

The next on our list of indispensable time saving tools is the flat mop. We use these for cleaning hardwoods, laminate, tile, and even travertine. It consists of an extension pole for limited back strain, and uses Velcro to attach the removable mop pads which are machine washable and last for EVER! Be sure to see our mopping tips here! Mopping won’t be a chore anymore, and your floors have never been cleaner because you aren’t just pushing around dirt with a dirty mop head and mop water! Some key points about this mop:

  • Single use (and machine washable) mop heads ensure you aren’t just moving dirt from one side of the house to other. When the head is dirty, just pull it off and toss in the wash!
  • Hard to clean spots? Just use your foot on the top of the mop to scrub, no bending or back breaking workouts!
  • Easy to use in the Figure 8 style of mopping so you aren’t pushing dirt around, you’re actually picking it up and removing it!
  • No rotting mop heads stinking up the garage, simply machine wash and dry like any other load of laundry!
  • Works great for wood floors because you can use the spray bottle method instead of having a wet mop running over your expensive hardwoods.

The final item on our time saving tools used by many professional maid training companies is actually an amazing multi-purpose cleaner called Bar Keepers Friend. Use caution though! It contains a strong acid and a slight abrasive and can damage some surfaces if not used with care and according to directions! Just a few of the many uses for Bar Keepers Friend include:

  • Soap scum! Just make a paste and apply to shower glass with a blue scrub sponge. Watch the build up melt away.
  • Rust! Rust stains in your kitchen and bathroom sink don’t stand a chance with this cleaner.
  • Hard water stains! That impossible to reach hard water stain on your toilet? Gone.
  • Shower and bathtub floor stains! Simply make a paste and scrub into the floor with your favorite scrubber. Let it work its magic, then rinse clean!
  • Cloudy headlights! Yes, it will even work on your car!
  • Metal Pots and Pans! Grease buildup burned on? Kiss it goodbye with BKF!
  • Windows! Have a sprinkler misfire and now your window is covered in little white spots? Done.

These are just a few time saving tools from the professionals, but bringing these into your life can save you dozens of hours a month and help you keep your home in tip top shape in between visits from us! Keep us in mind for all your cleaning needs, and remember: You are 1 minute away from the clean you deserve! See you soon!

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