The Bacteria Bomb In Your Kitchen

February 19, 2018

45 billion. With a B! That’s how many bacteria exist in one tiny square inch of your kitchen sponges. It’s the stuff of horror movies! What to do? With simple maintenance covered here and few easy tricks you can reduce the dangers to you and your family by the billion!

1. Get sponge saturated with water and place in microwave on a dinner plate.
2. Microwave sponge for 1 minute if it has a scrubber, 2 minutes for normal cellulose sponges.
3. Sponge will be extremely hot, let sit and rest for several minutes until it has cooled and safely remove from microwave!

Run sponge in dishwasher on a heated dry cycle in the utensil tray. Sponge may be very hot immediately after cycle completes, so be careful!

Every two weeks:
1. Soak your sponge fully submerged in full strength vinegar for 10 minutes.
2. Rinse and air dry!

Replace your sponges!

Following this simple schedule will ensure you keep you and your loved ones safe from billions of invaders trying to side track your amazing meals! And don’t forget to schedule your regular service by clicking HERE so we can do everything else to keep your home in tip top shape!

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