6 Surprising Benefits To Using A Professional Maid Service

February 16, 2018

We all know what an amazing experience it is to come home to a fresh, sparkling home after a long day at work. Did you know there are real, lasting benefits to regular maid service though? We’re going to break some of those benefits today!

1. Stressed out? Researchers have found that clutter in your home can actually make it difficult to focus, it can actually hold you back from being your best productive self, and can even raise levels of the stress hormone Cortisol, which has many negative side effects to our bodies!

2. Sleep! I have yet to meet a person that says they get enough high quality sleep, but one thing ALL our clients report is better sleep after our visits! Researchers found that fresh, clean sheets correspond to a higher “sleep satisfaction.” That Downy is doing double duty for you, and we’re happy to help him keep up the good work!

3. How’s that diet going? Having a neat and organized home has been shown to change eating habits! Researchers found that just working 10 minutes in a neat, clean, space makes you 2x more likely to snack on an apple than a chocolate bar versus 10 minutes in a cluttered, dirty space. Chew on that!

4. Germs! Gastrointestinal germs like the dreaded Norovirus can stay alive on solid surfaces for up to a week. We would like to say here that not all sharing is caring! Our cleaners come with disinfectants for every surface of your home, floors included, so those bugs don’t stand a chance!’

5. Ah-choo! It’s almost allergy season, and one of the surest way to help relieve symptoms is to have a service vacuum, sweep and mop after dusting and polishing all surfaces especially fans and vents!

6. Safety! Bugs and scorpions love to hide under those piles of laundry, eating those scraps of food you forgot fell in the dining room. Keeping a clean home helps keeps pests like disease carrying out of your home, they simply have nothing to eat and no where to hide!

Start taking back your peace of mind, health, and sleep TODAY with a professionally trained maid crew direct to you, we often have bookings available as soon as tomorrow!

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